Adding more Social Networks to the Tech Community Profile

Adding more Social Networks to the Tech Community Profile



 Sep 03 2023
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Could we please add more social networks to the Tech Community profile settings?

Some interesting ideas:

 - Mastodon

 - Medium

 - Google News

 - Microsoft Learn ID

 - Huggingface

 - WhatsApp for Business

 - etc.


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@Laurie Pottmeyer is this doable? Happy to support the team if needed.

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unfortunately, I don't understand why you think MTC needs this?

Can you explain how this will help an MTC Member?

Of course, I am against this idea.


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@A1-A1Social networks evolve. There is probably more value in linking our Medium account in 2023 than a Facebook account. But I am happy to read that you have a point of view on the topic. Happy Sunday

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At MTC, I believe that there are people who want to learn something, or help other users - I think this is the most important thing!

I don't care how many communities > other people have profiles, and such a synchronization of information is an additional threat ☣ so for me it is obvious!  

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I will wait for other users' responses.

But the shared article is not the justification for your idea, it is just statistics and general commentary and market analysis.