Add the label [ I have the same question ] to a new discussion.

Add the label [ I have the same question ] to a new discussion.



 Feb 05 2023
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Hello everyone! It would be great to see how many users have the same problem!

Additionally for the Microsoft Team (which services the right product or service)

it will be a signal from the Community to fix it -> or improve!

Please support and vote on this idea. 

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This works great in another Microsoft space.



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There are many MTC Members who do not post responses or new discussions, but they could use such a label > confirm that they also have such a problem, according to the published post.



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Thanks for this feedback, we will consider this when we overhaul the new UI. I think for the most part we use likes in a similar manor to this, of course keep in mind that the Microsoft Tech Community is not an official support forum and so, while teams definately do use these things as indicators to help identify trends, the primary signals for this information is via the Microsoft Support Channels.