Add Secure Score Space

Add Secure Score Space



 Feb 28 2017
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Please add a Space to the Security and Compliance community for the Secure Score product


@Brandon Koeller

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Status changed to: Under review

@Dean Gross


Thanks for the idea, I will discuss this with my team and the product team and get back to you. 

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Status changed to: Completed

Hi @Dean Gross,


Having reviewed the criteria we have for creating new communities we have decided the most effective way to support Secure Score is for it to remain under Security, Privacy & Compliance . What we have done though is we have created a Secure Score label that we will tag content with going forward and you will be able to subscribe to the label. 

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I'm confused, what is the criteria for a new space? Secure Score is a stand alone tool with its own URL

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Hi @Dean Gross


There are a number of criteria we use for spaces, not all of them we share publically.


an example of them are:


Size of intended audience

Differentiator from existing groups

Product events

number of questions asked currently.


As I say there are others but its not as simple as "Its a stand alone product so it must have its own space".


We will of course keep it under review and if appropriate create such a community.

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Status changed to: Completed