Add "Ideas" section to the Windows 10 Community

Add "Ideas" section to the Windows 10 Community



 Oct 24 2019
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Windows 10 needs an Ideas section so users can collaborate and share their feedbacks, suggestions and ideas on how to improve Windows 10 and related products.

also a great place to attract more attention towards feedbacks that get lost in the Feedback hub app. people can share a link to their feedback on that app on the Ideas section, others can read them and if they agree and have the similar view, click on the feedback and upvote it.

something similar to Uservoice.

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Thanks for the feedback! We have seen this ask for many different communities. 


After speaking with the Windows 10 team, it is not possible at this time for an ideas section to be created. However, we have some recommendations on things you CAN do to help build transparency and encourage discussion around your ideas and feedback:


  • Post feedback or questions in the Windows 10 Community conversation spaces- This can help provide visibility and encourage others to discuss as your posts are publicly seen. 
  • Ask questions/give feedback in Windows 10 AMAs- We host them here on the Tech Community and usually have developers, PMs and PMMs in attendance. Your feedback and questions would be viewed by members of the community both internal and external
  • Send along your idea for possible AMAs - We are able to pass along any ideas you have around Windows 10 AMAs to the point of contact for the community so that they can take action on this. Feel free to respond here or in an email to us at


Again, thank you for giving your feedback. Power users like you help us to make this community better. Please keep those ideas coming! 


Hi @Sarah_Gilbert 

Thank you for the reply, it was very helpful

there is just one issue I seem to have with posting in Windows 10 AMA


I'm getting this error when I click on "Start a New Conversation"

"You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.

Click your browser's Back button to continue."


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@HotCakeX  The AMAs get closed to new conversations after their set time has concluded. This is done because the team of engineers, PMs , PMMs etc. set aside the time to answer questions in real time for the AMA and want to answer questions as soon as possible. However, they will be announcing new upcoming AMAs on their page so I can make sure to keep you posted :). In the mean time, I would recommend starting a new discussion in their regular discussion space. 

@Sarah_Gilbert Thank you, appreciate it :)