Add PowerShell syntax highlighting to the code block.

Add PowerShell syntax highlighting to the code block.



 Oct 02 2019
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Write-Warning "Syntax highlighting for $($ShellId.Split('.')[1]) does not exist."
Write-Host "That's kind of odd."



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@Daniel Niccoli 


What code block are you referring to ? Is this the one used when composing a blog inside the message portion? Are you wanting this to show for all codes selected or just one in particular? Please let us know more details regarding the desired outcome vs the current status. Thank you 

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I edited the suggestion and included a screenshot.


Oddly enough, when trying to add code into this commend, I can't select any language at all. I assume that's a bug. See this screenshot and compare it to the screenshot in the suggestion above.


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@Daniel Niccoli  Thank you for providing more detail.

We are working with our vendor to add additional language to the Syntax highlighting function and PowerShell is at the top of our list of asks for this. We have now taken this feedback and submitted it to our developers and added it to our backlog. 


The other issue you have highlighted will also be addressed separately as well. We will make sure to keep you updated on our progress. 

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Release end of last year .. doesn't work in ideas though.. thats a bug!

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