Add Personal Calendar in the Community

Add Personal Calendar in the Community



 Apr 23 2021
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Sometimes there are events and conferences in this forum and we might receive message or it will be posted in the forum. It would have been nice to have functionality called personal calendar , so we could add such events in our personal calendar in this Microsoft Technical Community and when we saw a message or a post , then have an option to add it to our personal calendar and then have ability to sync events with our Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Account by adding it to our account.

The calendar should be look like the one in Microsoft 365 ,, Calendar app and ability to see reminder in this forum for upcoming events.

Currently, we have several events and seminars here but we have to manually add them. It would be nice to have a personal calendar in this space for events in this forum too.

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Status changed to: Closed

Thanks @Reza_Ameri as much as I like the idea it doesn’t appear to have the support of the community. I do also wonder though, now that events allow export of event info to ICS file how many people actually want another calendar?



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Thank you @Allen for the updating the status.

I neutral to this idea. Having dozen of different calendars and provided in Teams flow of events which not always have time to decline, not sure such calendar helps me personally. But that's my scenario, perhaps it will be useful for other people.


Actually my comment is about upvoting. With more than 700K members most upvoted idea to have mobile app appeared at very first day of this resource and has less than hundred votes. All other ideas are far behind.


With such stats it's not clear what "enough support of the community" means? 5 votes is enough, but 4 is not enough?


I guess some ideas even without votes could be quite useful. MTC team is very professional, they see entire picture and they could estimate on their own is idea valuable and feasible or not.

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Thanks for the feedback, this was something I identified before I went off on vacation. I have a work item, which I will get to shortly, to document for you all how we will manage ideas going forward.


It will never be "an idea has only received 4 likes in 90 days so we are canning it" style as there are some ideas that we really like and so may get taken forward even if there is seemingly low engagement with it.


That said I am very happy to be more transparent in how those decisions are made so that ideas board here doesn't just become a dumping ground for old, unique ideas that are either technically impossible or not compatible with our business objectives.


I will circle back once that is published.


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Hi @Allen 


Thank you for the clarity, but take a note that several of the Microsoft Technical Community are not aware of the idea center. I believe this need improvement like may be add option to share idea about the Microsoft Technical Community at the top so it is visible to everyone. But there would be a problem like people will share idea about Microsoft products too.


However, this is an issue and something need to be done. I will be looking forward your document.