Add icon for User's Rank

Add icon for User's Rank



 Jan 26 2022
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There is an interesting feature in the community known as User Rank which based on the contributions we get rank like Valued Contributor, Trusted Contributor, ... .

It would be nice to create some icons for each rank and when a user reach each rank add the icon to their profile.

Initially it could be in the profile page but in case it is technically possible, it would be nice if add it when we mouse over or beside the user's profile in each post.

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I saw here large   Threads


, which for a long time were without a solution and the first answer (Guest) turned out to be the solution!


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I would like to add that building a strong competition and fighting to get another (badge) in MTC is not appropriate.

The MTC space allows you to learn and allows Members to share experience - for me this is enough!


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@A1-A1 I understand your concern, however ranking is already available in the Microsoft Tech Community and it means it is part of requirement and I share this feedback to make it more exciting. In other forums like Stack Overflow you have ranking and it is even being used for hiring. While I agreed the forum should be a place to share and learn but this could be opportunity to discover talented people , so when you see someone is the Trusted Contributor (like you), then I will trust reply from this user rather than a Occasional Contributor and badge is also a way to build trust.

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