Add a Microsoft Licensing Specific Space

Add a Microsoft Licensing Specific Space



 Aug 11 2022
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I dont know about you guys, but I am all the time trying to learn about Microsoft Licensing as well as keep up with the ongoing changes. This is not only for CSP/NCE but Volume and SPLA licensing. 

I think it would be awesome if there was a specific place to ask licensing questions and to discuss licenses and scenarios. 


Licensing is most complicated part in Microsoft technologies. To start understand Microsoft licensing we need few years of education and after that few years of day-to-day practice. 

For the rest of us, who are not ready to invest such time, licensing hub to clarify concrete questions will be quite useful. I understand, MTC is not support resource, but we may share our own experience in that area.

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Thank you for the feedback, since licensing is always tied to a product the best place to have these discussions is in the product space you are planning to license. At this time we are not considering a licensing specific community