Add a mark before starting the discussion (that this is a question), or information for the Communit

Add a mark before starting the discussion (that this is a question), or information for the Communit



 Apr 06 2022
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Such a distinction is needed!

If it is a question, the author will be able to mark (the best answer)

If the information (announcement) then the possibility of marking the best answer should be automatically disabled.

Please support my idea.

Thank you 

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Good idea @A1-A1 I will show you an issue tho and possibly you can help me.

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Thank you I saw that this is very necessary because there are a lot of posts in which there is only information to MTC Members - and the questions are important to the author and the answer that is helpful should be marked.

Thank you for your support 

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Of course, ( the question ) should contain more details - so that the community gives a good answer - often these are incomprehensible questions and only the development of the discussion allows - the right answer, so you will need instructions on how to ask the question correctly!

In MTC I have not seen such an instruction .

Perhaps depends on hub. For example, in Excel one 99% at least are questions. It will be much more useful if people mention Excel version/platform they work on. Or at least use proper tags. Dozens of reminders don't help.

I believe if add such mark as mandatory one, in majority of cases it will be chosen first in the list. At least at Excel space.

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I think, in our vision of how to use the Microsoft Tech Community, discussions would be questions / sharing best practice while announcements would be in blogs.


Blogs of course don't have 'Mark as best solution' option.


Of course, that's not how it works in every community, for a myriad of reasons. We do believe we need a better getting started, and it's on the roadmap to provide one, but instructions for how to ask a question would likely be ignored. 


In the excel space we have, at the request of the community owner, made it so users must select a label to post and limited the number of labels available to be selected. This seems to work quite well but what @SergeiBaklan says is spot on, we can ask people to give specifics in their questions as much as we like I am not really sure it would make a great deal of difference.


Maybe you could mock up a visual version of your idea?

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Simply, if during the start of the discussion -> will be asked if it is a query to the Community - after confirmation (I will receive a link on how to properly ask a question with the possibility of taking the next step).

if this is not a question, a text editor will automatically open

I do not always ask in my posts, so it is rather a quick information, or highlighting an important topic, or information from the Blog.

Of course, I will give examples.

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Of course, I can still mark the best answer - but this is unfortunate and I would not like to have this label so as not to accidentally mark, (Own best answer because no one else answered)

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Thank you for the feedback, we have reviewed this request and have decided that it is not in our roadmap at this time.