Abuse Report Status

Abuse Report Status



 Mar 11 2021
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When we are reporting an abuse, normally we won't know what will happen and in some cases we might receive a private message from the moderators regarding to the status of the abuse.

It would have been nice like to have a notification showing status of reported abuse after review like explaining whether it has been removed, not removed and the reason why it has not been removed. This will help us to understand what reports should be submitted and this could be optional like we could enable or disable the notification.   

Community Manager
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It will be nice, depends on which resources it requires. If Allen takes care on that I'd prefer he spends time on MTC improvements and not waste the time on such kind of communications. If Microsoft hires some student for such communications - why not. Not sure if robot could help.

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It depends, the simple implementation could be like when we report abuse while it is being investigated, it shows already reported and it is not difficult. More advance would be a list of reported abuse and their status. It will improve the user experience and something nice to have.