Ability to Move Account to Different Profile

Ability to Move Account to Different Profile



 May 17 2020
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Let say we are working in company or using special Azure or Microsoft 365 account to login, for some reason we have to leave the company or change tenant and when we lost that account, we will lose access to this Tech Community website.


There should be ability to move our current profile to new one and let say switch to login with Microsoft Account or different Microsoft account. 


Currently, if user lose account and leave a company where they have Microsoft 365 and attempt to login , they won't be able to do that and if they use new profile, they will lose access to old posts, achievements, etc.



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Hi Reza,


Thank you for your submission, due to data security restrictions and differences in who own the data associated with an account it is not possible to migrate from an Office 365 Azure Directory Account to Microsoft Account.


We can however migrate a user from one Microsoft Account to another for access to the Microsoft Tech Community, subject to confirming account ownership and other security checks, please reach out to us here