A level based on exp points

A level based on exp points



 Jun 08 2021
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Hi everyone,


I would love to see a level based on exp points, you can get. A bit like the Steam level.

So all in all a level based on your amount of post, your likes, maybe even your online time, a rank just to flex.


Let me know your opinions



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At MTC, that's how it works - your activity is analyzed and so you can get 

badges and ranks, all subject to the same rules!

The MTC is a place where you can learn, help other Members, and you certainly shouldn't rely on competing for points!


As I know details of algorithm how to level assigned is internal information not shared with public. You may agree or disagree, but that's Microsoft decision how to assign levels. Not sure is that the case, but I see no problems if Microsoft gives Trusted Contributor level to the person who has only one post here but known as active contributor on other resources.

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@Deleted , can't agree that's the same. Post only mentions that members were chosen since they are recognizable, have good reputation, etc., etc. But who decides and based on which criterion these people are recognizable enough and have good enough reputation, etc. among other members? Afraid much more people meet abstract criterion, but only few of them are members of the board. 


To avoid misunderstanding, I have nothing against this concrete board and their members, that's only to illustrate the difference between general principles and concrete algorithm.

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@Sergei Baklan 


perfectly! I wanted to show that there are different forms in this space and we voluntarily agree and adopt the general principles - prepared by the Microsoft team!

and even delegated and elected Members can only advise Microsoft, because we are guests here, and the host decides and for me it is obvious! 

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