A flaw in the permits of choosing the best responses!

A flaw in the permits of choosing the best responses!



 Feb 26 2018
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How can someone answer a question and then choose his answer as a solution?

This is unacceptable even if he is MVP!

Please see this for example!


Agree, that shall be prohibited on system level. By the way, similar topic has been discussed already


I removed Best response from this concrete topic

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@Sergei Baklan

Thanks for your support!

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What happens if someone asks a question and then finds the answer and posts it? Would it not be the best response and therefore correct to do so?


I can see it being abused with someone overusing this, but on the flipside the original poster has the right to select the best response.


Interesting times!

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I find the best response thing interesting, it's nice to get a best response, especially say when there are aspirations for things like MVP, who take an interest in how effective contributions are. 


I'm not a fan of anyone farming best responses, not that I hardly ever see that, with someone reminding the poster to mark the best response.  I did notice a while back a member who appeared to add posts to existing discussions and then seemingly often marked their own contributions as the best response, at least now that's transparent as it says who marked it as such. 


I think a member is free to mark there own post as the best response if they found their own resolution that no one else helped with or whatever the circumstance is but doing that a lot might look a bit odd.


Also, sometimes the best response option appears unexpectedly, such as in Driving Adoption, which I assume has been (mis?)configured to allow anyone to mark the best response.

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I personally tend to remind the poster to mark a best response on posts (mine or others) because I believe it's good practice to close the issue and ensure that the answer is clear to anyone seeking a similar answer.


Without that clarity, people could be responding to posts already resolved or could be seeking an answer already given because they didn't know the best response was in the post.


And as an aside, people like Haytham, Sergei, Ingeborg, Willy Lau, etc are awesome with Excel and should be acknowledged for their experienced contributions.

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Thank you all for these comments!


But, imagine if someone took an exam, and after he finished the exam he took the answers and evaluated them, and then gave himself the full mark!


Is that acceptable?
Absolutely no!
Same thing here.


For honesty and integrity, this must be prevented!

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@Haytham Amairah


I marked the answer as best answer, because OP asked "summing cells by color applied by Conditional formatting" Not background color.  your answer was not correct which was based on the normal background color Interior.ColorIndex and not the color that is applied via CF FormatConditions(1).Interior.ColorIndex.    The OP notified me that my solution worked for him and hence I marked it as Best Answer.


@Sergei Baklan

As a courtesy, would you please notify me if you make changes to my markings in future?





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@Jamil Mohammad

We didn't come out here to talk about which answer is the best or correct in that conversation!

Maybe your answer is the best or my answer, I don't care!

I referred to that conversation as an example only!


What I'm talking about is the flaw which gives some people the permits of choosing their answers as the best answers!

And this is unacceptable as I mentioned before!

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Thank you all for your continue discussion on this issue.


The concept of best response is supposed to be that the person who starts a post can mark the best reply, which maybe their own. Only selected other people can mark any posts in a thread as a best response.


It should never be the case that a user can join a conversation and mark their own reply on that existing conversation as a best response. If you see examples of that I would certainly be interested in that.


Our MVPs are one such group of users who we allow to mark any post as a best response on the grounds that they are trusted members of our community as well as subject matter experts in a given area.


If anyone believed a post had been marked as best response in error and they did not have the power to change that then you can always reach out to the Microsoft Tech Community Team and we will adjudicate and make a decision


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Thanks Allen. Great to know where we can reach out to if we have any concerns or questions!

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Thanks Allen for the well-explained clarification on the subject matter.

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Thank you!

We hope we do not see any trusted member misusing these permissions!

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Status changed to: Not at this time.

closing this idea as we currently have no plans to change the workflow. 


if you see any problems please do reach out. 

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Status changed to: Closed