xx Seconds not updating

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In the Microsoft Bing space, the seconds are not updating. It says I created a post 27 seconds ago but it's actually supposed to be a minute ago!



P.S. This was posted in the wrong space. @Alyxe can you please move this to the Lounge?

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@Kam No problem.

If you refresh the page it will update the elapsed time.
@HotCakeX No, I mean I refreshed the page but it didn't work.
Well paste the link to that post here to test it
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@HotCakeX Seems like the server had a lot of traffic, so that's why it didn't update. Yesterday at one point, 8000 something members were online!
Oh okay, so problem solved
@HotCakeX So now my question is, who's post should I mark as Best Response? My second latest reply?