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Can a moderator please move a post I put in the wrong section?

It is about a translation issue of the Excel UI.

Here is the post link:

Wrong Dutch translation in Excel Options - Microsoft Tech Community

I think it should go here:

All Languages - Microsoft Tech Community

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@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Hi, of course that moderator can move - but it will be faster when you start the discussion in the right place, and that post just delete!
please write what you think.

@Jan Karel Pieterse No problem. I've moved the post.

@Eric Starker 

Hi it really was a quick help!

But there are other communities where the Manager does not help! https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-learn/unable-to-access-concierge-subscription-in-vi...

Does not move posts - I had to intervene because one of the Members of the MTC sent back 

authors to 118 Communities without proper indication - currently all entries have improved, but the Manager of this Community does not analyze and does not help - I hope that this will change for the better!

thank you


Thanks for the suggestion. It is up to each individual product team to handle their product area as they see fit, and I'm sorry if it doesn't match your expectations or if you had a bad experience. We will share this feedback with the Microsoft Learn team.

@Eric Starker 

I was really surprised by the lack of interest of microsoft employees, the Learn team community. is and should be a good example - because people want to learn to get certificates, and if they need help then no one reacts. 

Mpv Member's current responses are really very helpful, but they were all edited

and you can see what the first response looked like.

thank you again.