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I'd like to contribute and write a blog post for one of the topics, but I can't find a way to write one.

Am I missing something? Is there a hidden button or a cheat code?




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Hello. Welcome to the discussion thank you! I think it will be easiest to start by writing comments on already existing topics in discussions in individual Groups. Topics that are shared as information in the Blog do not always give you the opportunity to add a comment, so comment where available. You made a good post as I see without a problem . Please continue to do so good luck!
Thanks @Deleted - but if I want to write a blog post about an Azure Networking architecture for example, writing it as a reply on an existing post would be considered off topic and would be confusing.
I would also like to know how to do this -- I signed up specifically to contribute a specific resource to help other IT workers find something I had to learn through support.
Hello. I am here too short to give you a solution, but proposes to send an inquiry to this address: techcommunity@microsoft.com I am happy with such interest in participating in the MTC, every contribution is valuable thank you very much Andrew
Hello Everyone! My satisfaction is huge, seeing so much interest in supporting your experiences and know to help other MTC Members in Great IT. Surely sharing on your blog is important and needed! Microsoft employees will probably respond to explain such an important and bothering matter to many MTC Members - this post is much needed for the Community, because as you can see, engagement is great and it's worth remembering.

@lostdoco Hello! I think there is a point of confusion here. We have designed the discussion forums (such as this one) for everyone to contribute and to have a dialogue and have questions answered.


Our blogs are managed by teams at Microsoft and all content in blogs are by employees (primarily) and occasional specific folks who have been granted permission (often MVPs). 


If you have a specific blog post you want to do, look at our list of blogs and email our team at techcommunity@microsoft.com, and we can connect you to that team and see if it would be a good fit for them. But be advised ahead of time that guest bloggers are typically rare for most of our blogs so we can't promise anything.  

@Eric Starker 

Thank you I think this answer should be marked as a solution!

I saw today - much needed answers and actions on your part great work congratulations!