Why is my name wrong in the community

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Sorry this is probably not in the right community, but I couldn't find a place to ask a basic newbie question.


My MSFT account name is Don Awalt. Yet as you can see in the attached images, it always posts as Don Awalt Awalt. You can see this also in the heading of this post!


If I go to my profile, my first name is Don and my last name is Awalt. Yet it repeats my last name. Does it do this for everybody, or is there a way I can change this? Thanks!


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You would need to update your name here:


Then log back into the community using this link:


That will cause your name to update in the community. The name is pulled in directly from your Microsoft account.

@Eric Starker thank you very much for your reply.


It seems as if the Community is not pulling the update in. I even tried going to the first site (which is where I have looked before), and changing my name to Donald Awalt from Don Awalt (see attachment). Logging back in to the community, as you can see on this post and in the other attachment, it still has Don Awalt Awalt - it didn't even grab the Donald part. I have also tried clearing all cookies/history (Safari/Mac). What could be wrong?




Can I check, did you make sure you had logged out of the community and then after changing your name log back in using this link:


Using the usual sign in button would eventually pull in any changes you made to your MSA profile but only after the session cache expired (usually 2 hours)

@Allen Yes I didn't, in fact I just tried again very carefully, in case there is a subtle problem in what I did.


1. Went this thread page by clicking on the link in the email notification I received of your post, and logged out. Confirmed I did see Sign In when I clicked on the thread page link again.

2. Went to the MS account page you mentioned first, clicking on it in the email notification I received of your post - changed my name back to Don Awalt, entered the capctha code, and saved. Verified I saw the name change, and for good measure I logged out.

3. Clicked on the second link you gave me just now, to log in to the community, using the link in the email notification I received of your post. After logging in (I confirmed it is the same email address I log in with, for both), as you can see here and if I click on my avatar in the top right corner, the name is still Don Awalt Awalt.

@Allen I just saw the second part of your post, I'll try it again tonight or tomorrow morning and report back. I don't think it will work though, I am pretty sure I have tried something similar, and my name on my Microsoft account has clearly been different for a long time.



Sorry I should have read your question a little closer, the name your seeing next to your posts and used in @ mentions is not your name but your username. When you joined we set these automatically for all users as the name they had in their MSA.


As of October last year all users had to select a unique username, things like @ mentioning was becoming a nightmare with 4 or 5 people having the same username. I can change your username now but it would have to match our new username requirements which are:


between 5 - 20 characters made up of letters, numbers, hyphens or underscores. It can not contain spaces or other special characters.


You can actually see your profile updated with your correct name if you look at your profile:


We are planning to release an update on Monday that will change the name you see here to 'Your Name (@yourUsername)'


which will hopefully make it much easier for everyone concerned. 


@Allen Thank you for the response and persistence in trying to figure this out!


So, do you need me to do anything (like pick a username because @DonAwalt is taken), or will it be changed to Don Awalt (@DonAwalt) next Monday?



best response confirmed by DonAwalt (Copper Contributor)
I have updated your username to DonAwalt

and yes next Monday it will be show up as Don Awalt (@DonAwalt)

@Allen Thank you so much for all your help! It's already showing up here!!!

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best response confirmed by DonAwalt (Copper Contributor)
I have updated your username to DonAwalt

and yes next Monday it will be show up as Don Awalt (@DonAwalt)

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