Why can't I like a post

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I used to be able to click on an icon to Like a post, that functionality is no longer available. What happened to it? how come things keep getting broken when updates are deployed. It feels like we are taking one step forward and 3 steps sideways.Smiley Sad

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Hi Dean, when exactly are you seeing this behavior?

CC @Anna Chu
Every where in the network, I can't find any place where I can Like something

Hi Dean - are you using IE?  It is an IE bug we've seen and currently locating a fix.

Yes I am, the fact the MS continues to publish pages that work better in Chrome than in IE is impossible to understand.


The Thumbs Up icon does show up in Edge.

Hi @Dean Gross,

You can like posts in IE as well. but the image doesn't appear. If you hover over the area just right to the 'like counter' then you will see the 'click here to like this post' text appear. When you then click on the empty space you will see that the like counter goes up.