Why can't I like a post outside of "view full conversation"


When someone starts a conversation in Lithium, and a thread grows below it - and someone posts something quick (that you can read in the preview) there is a little thumbs up showing how many like it. Why can't I click that to indicate I like it? I have to "View full conversation" and open it, scroll to that post and then click like. Can this be fixed?

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Update: Found what "Hide Kudos buttons and counts" in settings was on, with unhiding Likes appeared. In full converstaion, Ami's question is still in force.


I found nothing on what i may click even in "full conversation"




hi Sergei had the same problem but later i saw something is changing.
Hi Paul - you are lucky, i refreshed and nothing new appeared. Was able to add 'like' on mobile - not easy and obvious task.
Amen to that. It catches me out every day!!
Did you put this on the Ideas board, Amy?

I also find it annoying that you have a reply box outside of the full conversation but you can only put text in it


Restrictions outside full conversation.png



















And I have just discovered here that when you edit a post, you cannot delete an attachment.


I attached a photo as a file attachment instead of specifying a photo and it pretends that you can delete the file Cannot remove attachment.pngwhen you edit but then disappoints you when you try

I did not include it as an idea. @Michael Holste or @Lana O'Brien Is this one of those things you can move to another "board" or should I create a new idea and link to this thread? 

We can move a conversation to another board. Are you trying to submit this as an idea (that would need a new idea as it is a different discussion style). 

I added it as an idea :)
This feature is coming. We have it in our upcoming weekly sprint. Thanks for adding it as an Idea!
Hi Jeff
The idea is still showing up as status New Idea in the Ideas board.
If it is to be included in a sprint, should the status not have changed?