Why can't I answer?

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I would ask you to clarify this topic!

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Missing information that it is - Message!
There is no information that commenting is due to this - Disabled!
The basic products are listed - it is completely not easy to understand the meaning in this text - after translation.
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We turned off comments for that post because it was not intended to be a question-and-answer, just a reminder for people to not post here about products. Sorry for any hassle.

I don't know how to word it differently specifically for translation, but if you can provide examples of how it translates poorly and how it can be improved for translation, we're happy to take it under consideration.

@Eric Starker 

thank you for your reply!
I explain:
It would be better to skip all the products you write about - because ina mindless reading makes it possible to write about it here!
Better - write: We invite you to discuss only about the functioning of our Community!
Topics not related to the Code, privacy and communication in the Community - they will be removed - for which we apologize!
of course, a large text is best something like this

Thanks for the feedback. We'll take it under advisement.

@Eric Starker 

    Hi!  I saw now that your "Reminder" is not working and unfortunately there are still topics that should be in other Communities.
This case has become difficult to solve!