Where is the 'me' menu in the vertical mobile UI?

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how do you open the my profile menu with notifications and alerts when you are on the vertical mobile UI?  i can see it if i turn horizontal but can't seem to find it vertical.



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I think you can only access to your profile by clicking on your profile picture...what I don't really like is the avatar popup that some times overlays user control panel and makes not possible to click on any action of the control panel
That's what I am asking. I don't have the profile picture on my mobile phone (when holding it like a phone).

I have to rotate it 90 degrees to see it.

(radio silence)


Guess I'll post this as an "Idea" and see if there is any official response

A lot of radio silence I would say...let's see the amount of improvements we get for this new network in a month :)
Perhaps they use another very specific browser on their mobiles. Opeta Mini shows the avatar in vertical mode (thus 'me' menu), but doesn't show many other things...