Where is My Bookmarks?

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Looking at a response that I had posted, I hover the cursor over 3 dots on the upper-right and click Bookmark.


Where did the bookmark go?!


I cannot find it anywhere in the Firefox Bookmarks.  But I could easily overlook it.


If I hover the cursor over the 3 dots again, I see Remove ... from My Bookmarks.


So,  I suspect that My Bookmarks is a "folder" in this forum.   But again, I cannot find it.


If the latter is correct, please provide click-by-click navigation instructions to My Bookmarks.


More to the point:  how do I copy a link directly to a response, not the entire discussion?


I want to paste it somewhere outside this forum in order to cite a specific response.

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@Detlef Lewin 


Bingo!  I should add that as an example to the complaint about this forum that I posted.


Anyway, thanks.