Where does Google get the TechCommunity date stamp from?


I've noticed several times that a google search result from the TechCommunity can have a date stamp that is much more recent than the discussion and any of the discussion's elements in the TechCommunity. 


Example: I googled for "sharepoint less white space in yammer feed". The first result shows a date of "4/05/2021", so it's either early April or May (never can work out if these dates are US format or not). 


But when I open the link, the question was asked in 2019.  It has 2 replies, also from 2019. One of the replies has 2 likes, also from 2019. 


Is there anything in the TechCommunity metadata that leads Google to this date stamp? I find that very confusing, because the SharePoint landscape has changed so fast in the past that an answer from 2019 is probably no longer relevant and I would not waste my time opening it, but when I find it's labelled as 2021 but actually it's 2 years old, then I'm being mislead.





On this page, however, is dynamic content from May 2021, which also shows in the page source. That is what Google will index, I assume.




So, the date of the "related video" which is in no way related to the question, seems to make Google think that the page was updated on that date. 


Now, that is very, very bad page design and not helpful at all for users of this community or anyone who uses a search engine to find TechCommunity information.

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surely you have a lot of reason to improve the search from the latest post would be perfect, but it requires cooperation! Reading outdated solutions makes no sense and can actually be misleading. There is a need for a discussion on this!
Good luck and thank you