What users are able to "Mark as Best Response?"

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A while ago I noticed that I was able to mark Best Responses in conversations I didn't start or even participate in. I'm not here to debate whether that's appropriate (I saw that was its own conversation in November), just to get a better understanding of what users are able to execute that kind of privilege. I've noticed that I can do it on some conversations but not others, and I've not seen any obvious correlation as to why that might be. My current rank is Regular Contributor, which I don't perceive to be all that high, but I also don't know that rank has anything to do with who can do that.



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Out of interest, when was the last time this occurred or you noticed it (any examples)? I think I saw something similar very briefly a long time ago but it reverted back.  The person that started the discussion can mark the best response, along with some special members like MVPs I believe.  Best responses are now marked with who selected the best response, so it's transparent and it would be clear if something strange was going on.

Example of a verified best responseExample of a verified best response 

I am able to mark a best response on this thread. It also seems the ability to do this at a moderate rank is confirmed by our friend Amie. @Amie McClendon, could you undo your "Best Response" mark for the time being, please?

@Matt Coats - on what thread?  I only do Best Response on my threads that I start if the response is correct.  Please let me know if this is not the case because the thread you reference, I have not selected 'Best Response"... there are only 2 replies and I am not one of them.

best response confirmed by Matt Coats (Super Contributor)

@Matt Coats wrote:

I am able to mark a best response on this thread

Thanks for the link, I see that as well (as I imagine all ranks do in this instance), I think it's unlikely to be intentional, more that it's a new space and perhaps it hasn't been fully configured yet. 


I probably confused matters by including a screenshot image of a verified best response (which I'll make clearer now), just to show it in action in relation to this discussion but it wasn't actually for this thread, sorry, @Amie McClendon for the confusion.

Makes sense, I don't see that ability in more established communities. Pretty funny how close to the actual "Best Response" marker is to your example, though I could've noticed had I looked a little harder, appreciate your patience, Amie. Thanks all!