What should I do instead of UserVoice?

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UserVoice が終了して、この Tech Community を利用するようにアナウンスが出ていますが、製品改善の[アイデア]タブが存在しないプロダクトが多いです。


UserVoice has been closed and there is an announcement to use this Tech Community, but many products do not have an "Ideas" tab for product improvement.
Is there going to be a new Ideas tab?
Will there be a new Ideas tab, or can I just post feedback for product improvements in the Discussion?


UserVoice Pages - Office Support (

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I propose improvements to my products and ask about alternative functions.
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I believe that the Feedback Center for Windows allows you to reach directly engineers and teams, for suggestions it is also a suitable place.

Of course, technical questions are another matter



But I would also like Microsoft to give the right recommendation unequivocally - and I'm looking forward to it too!
Good luck Andrew

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@mokudai Hello!

These products currently have an idea space in Tech Community: 

Microsoft Stream

Azure Virtual Desktop


Microsoft Launcher

Windows 365

Microsoft 365 Developer Platform

Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Localization

Microsoft Search


Universal Print


For products that don't:

For Windows 10, we recommend using the Feedback Hub.

For Office apps/Microsoft 365 Apps, we recommend using the Feedback feature built into the product:



@Eric Starker Hello!

"For Office 365 products, we recommend using the Feedback feature built into the product:"
すぐにフィードバックを送信したい内容があれば、Microsoft 365 管理センター からフィードバックするようにします。

将来的には、代表的なサービスすべてに対してこれまでと同じようにオープンな場所でアイデアを投稿し周囲の意見も取り入れつつ Vote できる場所が実装されることを私は望んでいます
Thank you for letting me know.
If there is something you want to send feedback on immediately, you can do so from the Microsoft 365 admin center.

In the future, I'd like to see the same open place for all the major services implemented where you can post ideas and Vote with input from others.
@A1 Hello!

私も将来的には、代表的なサービスすべてに対してこれまでと同じようにオープンな場所でアイデアを投稿し周囲の意見も取り入れつつ Vote できる場所が実装されることを望んでいます。


"Thank you for the suggestion.
In the future, I hope to implement a place where I can post ideas in an open place and voice all of the representative services while also accepting the opinions of the people around me.
I will."

Thank you you are welcome here !

But your idea is good ! finding the right community is a lot of work and it's not always easy for new MTC members.

Please formulate the idea you write about and I will vote for it in this Community !

Good luck Andrew