What makes this forum unique from the existing Answers forum?

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When the current Office 365 network on Yammer was limited access, I could understand it.. But now that you are making the whole thing public, why create an whole new "hidden" public data silo? Why not just add these subjects to the existing ANSWERS forum? As well is its primary question mode, Answers has a discussion mode. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us At the very least you should add cross links between this new forum and Answers Since this seems to be at least partially a bug reporting forum, the new one should also at the very least include a description of the "UserVoice" sites, and maybe even a complete collection links to all of the uservoice subsites (since there does not appear be an "official" one anywhere else! HTTP://ANSWERS.MICROSOFT.COM/EN-US/WIND OWS/WIKI/WINDOWS_10-DESKTOP/MS-SUGGESTION-BOX-SITES-AT-USERVOICECOM/7397119C-6D48-49E6-8D94-7BD0A50D214F
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Answers is a support forum, this network is NOT. While you can still get answers to your questions here, the interactions here should be of a somewhat different nature.