What happened to our old Community profile? When this profile changed all my old Community profile

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When this profile changed all my old Community profile information, including all my discussion topics and badges got deleted.  What happened to these? Did Microsoft mess up?

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Tagging @Eric Starker, Community Manager on the Microsoft Tech Community to ask him to move this discussion to the community lounge and for the follow up of this issue there.

@TheShaunSaw Hello! Please don't tag me in the future on these requests. Please use the drop-down menu on the right and indicate "Report Inappropriate Post" - you'll be able to detail the particulars within that process. I promise our team will handle it quickly! 


(I am primarily supporting the Azure team these days and another team member primarily handles Community Discussion.) 


Thanks for understanding and for continuing to help and contribute in Tech Community!


 Could you provide some information for us? Did you change the email address you logged into the Tech Community with?


If you create a new account in Tech Community, it will not inherit your previous badges or ranks. There is no way of changing the email address on a current account, so my guess is that you logged in with a different email.


If you send us your information on your other profile, we'll investigate. Please email us at techcommunity@microsoft.com. Thank you! 

@Eric Starker 


Forget it, like other computer geeks or nerds, you just don't get it.  I reeally don't care I lost my 27 plus award buttons, they mean squat.

@skeptic_101 Given your previous message about email providers, please note that I don't have anything to do with your Microsoft email account. I am a community manager here at the Microsoft Tech Community. I assumed your message was about the Tech Community, but if it is about your email account or Skype account as per your other post, I won't be able to help you. You can contact support.microsoft.com about those. 


I did my best to provide a solution for you here, asking for more information to solve your problem. You can still email us at techcommunity@microsoft.com with the particulars and we will attempt to sort it out if it is an issue on the Tech Community. I searched by your name and email address within the Tech Community and only found the one account, so I don't know what prior account you are referring to.


Please note that personal attacks like your response are not allowed in Tech Community as per our code of conduct and we reserve the right to take action based on that if you continue. 


Thanks for understanding and contributing to the Tech Community.