What defines an "expert"?


Under My Dashboard -> My Feed we have: Newest, Popular, Experts, and Unanswered.


So my question is: what defines an expert, and how are posts determined to surface in that view?

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I think under expert it will be Microsoft and MVPS but i am not sure.

It looks like this, but still not clear - if at least one answer is from MVP/Microsoft?

@Loryan Strant is mvp i guess you need a community manager to answer :)

Loryan only asked the question, my guess was this categorization is based on answers. Anyway, of course, only community manager could clarify, e.g. @Anna Chu

Hi Sergei,


yes he dit but since he has a green cirkel around his picture he is a MVP :) MS itself is blue and thought community manager is red.

Microsoft employees - Like you, they are members of the community around Microsoft products, and we encourage them to share their knowledge, expertise, and opinions on this platform.

Microsoft Employee Avatar Ring.JPG

Community Managers - Our community managers are here to encourage conversation, provide direction, answer questions, and keep the community healthy.

Community Manager Avatar Ring.JPG

MVPs - MVPs are recognized technology experts who passionately share their knowledge and expertise with the community.

MVP Avatar Ring.JPG

Similarly, you may notice badges and ranks next to usernames. Badges are achievements you can unlock. Ranks, like “MVP”, can either be assigned or earned through participation.






Hi Paul - yes, i know, thank you. My point was the post appears in Experts category of the dashboard not when one of MVP:s, etc. initiates the conversation, but only when one of them answers on the question. But again, that's only my guess.

Hi everyone, when you click on 'My Home' and click to view conversations involving 'Experts' you are looking at all conversations involving product experts at Microsoft or MVPs.  As per the screenshot from @Deleted MVPs have green rings around their avatar and product experts at Microsoft have blue rings.  Hope this clarifies!

Thank you. It looks like i understand my mistake - here are only conversations with experts on which i subscribed; or in Spaces on which i subscribed. Forgot about this.

Thanks Anna, but what determines which conversations from experts are surfaced under "Experts" in "My Home"?
There are a number of MVPs and other experts on here answering questions and posting but I tend to see the same faces listed.
Is there a logic around how many responses were marked as answers, how many likes and other things that determine which experts get surfaced?

We're looking into this - we're investigating if it only pulls conversations from spaces that the user has favorited which would explain why you're only seeing familiar faces.  @MichaelHolste is helping me out on this one.

Still chasing this down, but I am of the understanding that it only pulls conversations from spaces you've favorited. I'll follow up as I learn more. 

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