Visualstudio / MCT Benefits for Azure and PowerBI not working

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Hi - I am an active MCT since 2021 and recently I saw that my Azure Account and PowerBI Account that I got as virtue of MCT benefits are not working.

However, my MCT is active, my certifications are active and my VisualStudio Subscriptions are also active.

What is not active is association of the same in Azure and also PowerBI.


Please help and advice on what could be done.



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Hey there!


Here are a few steps to help resolve the issue:


Check Your MCT Benefits: Log in to the MCT Central portal and verify your benefits. Ensure your Azure and PowerBI benefits are still listed as active.

Re-link Accounts: Sometimes, re-associating your MCT benefits can help. Go to the Visual Studio Subscriptions portal, find your Azure and PowerBI benefits, and follow the steps to re-link them to your accounts.

Contact Support: If re-linking doesn't work, reach out to Microsoft support for MCTs. They can check your account and resolve any issues on their end.

Documentation and Forums: Check the official MCT forums and documentation for any recent changes or common issues others have faced. Sometimes, there might be a known issue with a quick fix.


Hope this helps!


Hi - Please could you help with the detailed steps for relinking the accounts as I am not able to find them or understand them.

Unfortunately, no one seems to have found or known a fix

Some additional details would help


Thanks for reaching out the Microsoft Tech Community Team, I am afraid we can only help you with queries relating to the Microsoft Tech Community Website. I believe the course you are speaking about relates to the Microsoft Certified Trainer program and so you would need to contact the MCT Support Forum with this issue.



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Click the red box link Microsoft Certified Trainers

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