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How do I know who gave the "Microsoft Verified Answer" to a certain post?


Why does the person who posed the question get access to "Microsoft Verified Answer?"

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That's intresting for me as well. Just accepted the answer as solution and immediatelly received automatic Microsoft verification.

At odds with the Microsoft veryfied answer feature. Fully aware that this feature is of use when the answer is straighforward, but in a community where there are discussions and various ideas this seems out of place to 'award' this to some posts. This adds to overall feel that this network is a forum and not a community.


We are working to change this. In the future you won't see "Microsoft Verified" but instead "Best Answer". The person who wrote the question, as well as Admins and Microsoft have the ability to choose the "Best Answer". If you see an answer that is chosen as "Best Answer"- but clearly isn't right, ping one of the community managers and we'll help to get it untagged.

Looks like "Best Response" is live!


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Great, such option is much better! The only point - why don't you allow author to unmark it? That could me marked in mistake or due to misunderstanding, whatever. IMHO, the author has to have rights to change his/her opinion without help of moderators. Same as with post - if you publish it in mistake you have an option to delete such post.

You can "unmark" a best answer. Click on the three dots in the right corner for the menu option (see screen grab). 


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@Lana O'Brien, will we also get the capability of seeing who assigned the answer flag to the response?

That's not on our current blacklog, but I will add to our list of feature requests.