User id 100000 - Badge is supposed to be 3-year anniversary

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Hello fellow community members,


I just put a random user id in the address bar and it linked to Alan Tipert's profile.

It says he joined Dec. 2017 but he only has the 1 year anniversary badge.


Is this possibly a bug?

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I'm guessing that's because it's not December 2020 yet.
@Eric Starker But he's supposed to have the 2 year anniversary at least. Dec. 2019 has already passed, right?
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They haven't logged in since 2017. They only receive the badge once they log in after the anniversary. So no, not a bug, just expected behavior. 

@Eric Starker Then how do @not applicable members get the anniversary?

I don't know what is a "@ not applicable" member.



Thanks for the clarification. That user and anyone listed as "not applicable" did not complete their registration, so until they do so, they do not receive a rank.


So in order for them to receive badges for length of time in the community, they would need to complete their registration.


Hope that clarifies things for you!