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I am seeing these days that the content which is written in other languages is not getting converted into English on the main page of Microsoft Tech Community. Please resolve this issue or add a feature in order to make things easy for the users.2020-05-11.png



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Thanks for posting, this is not actually a problem, per say, the language translation system we use has no auto detect and so it assumes if your profile language is set to English that you are going to write your post in English.


If you then write your post in Spanish, for example, and someone who speaks German comes in to read it. The Language Translation system will try to change your post from English (the language your profile is set to) to German (the language the person who is trying to read its profile is set to)... except you wrote your post in Spanish and thus it fails.


Hopefully we can make it smarter in the next iteration but hopefully this goes some way to explaining why you see that