Translation FAQs

Community Manager

Which Languages are supported?


  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Japanese

How do I change the language?


You can change this either in your settings or when viewing a post there is a drop down at the top right to select the required language.


I have accidently changed my language how can I fix it?


Go to settings and change the second dropdown to which ever language you would like to see the community and the content in.

If you get stuck you can always email us and we will fix it for you, please make sure you tell us which language you would like your profile restored to.


When will you add more languages?


We are currently beta testing 5 languages + English, we will continue to make the community work in all 6 of these languages before we commit to more additions.


Known issues:


To facilitate the new language translations, we had to change back to an older version of our feeds. As a result the ‘unread’ filter on the board has been removed.

Sometimes a translation may take a minute or two to come through. The page will tell you to refresh in a few minutes if after 5 minutes you have not been able to see the translation then please email us and send us the URL that is ‘stuck’


I see an additional translation issue. What should I do? 


If you spot any translation issues, please report them in our Community Ideas board and make sure you choose the appropriate labels to help us prioritize your feedback.

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