Thread ordering is broken


To put it lightly, it's a total mess. Here's a screenshot from the Exchange space:



I tried all the sorting options, switching back and forth to Conversation start date/last post date - no effect. Makes browsing the spaces useless. Can we get it back to how it worked until yesterday please?

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FWIW, the "latest conversations" box on the right seem to display the correct order.

@Vasil Michev,


I think you are correct, the 'Newest' filter doesn't always appear to order the posts correctly. I am asking our devs to take a look into this.


I am also exploring with our devs if at the individual space level if we could have the old view along side the filters.. almost a filter like 'All'.. which shows the boards in the old way while allowing users who want to use the new filters to do so. 

@Vasil Michev


We have just deployed a fix for this, note that newest still does not match 'latest conversations' this is because latest conversations only shows you the newest posts where as the 'Newest' filter shows you the latest activity so if there is a reply to a thread that would bring it to the top of the list.


Hope that makes sense.

Thanks @Allen. Yes, definitely looks better now, and I can live with the "newest" ordering logic.


Here's a crazy thought - can you maybe get the devs to actually test their code before deploying next time? :)

And while we are still on the subject, can we get an increase of the number of threads loaded by default? The new limit of 5 is just too low and makes browsing the spaces to get new/updated conversations a drag.

And another thing - the "Sort by conversation start date/Sort by Last post date" functionality currently doesn't work. Can you fix it or remove the options altogether?

+1, portion of 5 is quite small

@Vasil Michev


Thank you for the feedback, we plan to remove the sort conversations by conversation date option but didn't feel it was a deal breaker to prevent shipping.


With regards to your comments on testing before releasing, in an ideal world we would release a version with no bugs at all, ever. I think you will agree that even with the most robust testing its just not possible to catch every bug. I appreciate it's frustrating when you encounter a bug and we certainly do not want them in our code base so rest assured we do complete a round of testing on each release but this issue was missed on this round.


I have started a discussion with our developers on how we might expose more conversations without significantly impacting page load time.

Again I do value your feedback and rest assured we do listen to what all our members tell us.

@Allen the issue is not the lack of robust/comprehensive testing of every feature, the issue is that even the most obvious bugs are pushed, without folks bothering to check the end result. Such as the case with the thread ordering in the last update - anyone that had bothered to browse any space after that update was pushed would have noticed that sorting is broken.