This site / Blogs going a little Azure crazy...

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I know Azure is the growth and future of Microsoft, but haven't we gone a little Azure-crazy on the Blogs! (see below)


Also, there rarely seems to be any Microsoft presence in what I would call "core" communities here -- Sharepoint, Teams, Yammer. Can anyone from Microsoft comment?






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@Rob O'Keefe What if those services had M365 in front of them? Would that make it seem more balance?


M365 Microsoft Teams

M365 Planner

M365 SharePoint

M365 Yammer




I don't know what M365 means vs. O365, I guess I am behind the times!


I didn't realize that list scrolled -- i literally did not know how to find the blogs!


I think an alphabetical list is fine, but maybe they could have some sort of Top 10 list, or a collapsable list by category.  There are a bunch prefaced with Microsoft -- i don't know to look for Sharepoint under S or under M.



@Rob O'Keefe Hello!


It's true we have been adding a number of Azure blogs to the community. We tend to add new communities and blogs upon the request of individual product teams and the Azure teams have been especially active lately.


I'm a little confused by your second query. Those communities are among our most active here in Tech Community and we have a number of Microsoft employees that take a very active role there.


If you feel like blog content has been a bit slower in those areas, that's quite possibly because of Microsoft Ignite next week, where a number of products will be saving up their big announcements for that event.

@Rob O'Keefe 

Office 365: A cloud services platform that offers familiar Microsoft products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive (along with other productivity services) either online or on-premises via a subscription plan.

Microsoft 365: An all-in-one bundle that includes the Office 365 suite, Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Mobility+Security for a complete, interconnected experience.

Thanks @EricStarker, appreciate the quick response. I was just surprised by the number of Azure ones filling up the box (which now I know scrolls!)


My second point was about the forum not blogs. There are a couple of long running threads that would be good to get Microsoft input:


The future of Delve -- how do we encourage and surface internal company blogging?


Stream migration from O365. There were a lot of questions (but my tenant is cut over now, so OBE for me)


Yammer and Sharepoint (this is actually the comments section of a past blog post)


What started this for me today was looking at a Mechanics Garage video with Jeff Teper from 2018 Ignite and it showed Teams file view as icons and it showed a Sharepoint list visible within Teams, and I have never seen those features released, so I was looking for them. At around 8:30 and 9:30 respectively in this video: 


Good luck with Ignite, excited to see what comes out.

Ah yes... we have typically licensed windows with laptop purchases (small business) so we have not explored M365. Thanks!
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Thanks for letting us know. I'm happy to reach out and try to get some Microsoft input on those particular threads.

@Rob O'Keefe With regard to Yammer, that announcement and blog from last December was successfully released to GA and announced at SPC19.

The modern Yammer conversations web part has a lot of limitations, I continue to use the Embed. Hopefully a new version is coming soon at Ignite!
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Thanks for letting us know. I'm happy to reach out and try to get some Microsoft input on those particular threads.

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