This community notifications going into Junk on

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Since maybe yesterday or two days ago all email notifications from this site are going into Junk folder in my mailbox tied to account here (i would love to tie it to my primary personal account, but this stupid system insist on usage). This is just funny. Microsoft thinks its own notifications are junk :) I mark them as Not junk, but this doesn't help. I guess some sending server got bad reputation somewhere.

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Still happening. I guess maybe it's only me. Also tried to report in via feedback form.
Good. So it is not just me :) And of course, i have found notification about your reply in Junk :) Junk is the new Inbox!
@Oleg K You mean the Official Tech Community notification plaza! xD
Any update on the notifications emails going to Junk?
@Oleg K I don't even get any emails now and have to check the Notifications tab every 5 or so hours. What's happening?
Well, i get all of them to the Junk folder as before. Every day.