The survey - bother - is today every time you log in!

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This is another speech - I have already completed the survey - I have no intention of doing it many times - it needs to be fixedZrzut ekranu 2021-07-13 231144.png

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The survey will only come up once every 90 days, unless you view the site from multiple locations with a different IP address and clear your cookies.

If you are seeing it more than that then please record the times and the device you saw it on and send it to me in a PM and I will ask our engineers to look into it.


Its probably worth noting this is the first time we have run the survey since the end of March 2020 so we are trying not to be overly intrusive with it.



I did not change the settings, and now I think it has to do with a new update19043.1110  KB5004237  - you once I was not logged in and the speech repeated, but as logged in there is no request for a survey!

but I actually use different computers in different locations.







I think it's the same as in 2020!

When filling out the first card - I would like to mark 3 answers, but I have to choose only one - it is worth analyzing the method of sharing, and the possibility of linking the survey to the account of the MTC Member - so as not to disturb repeatedly because it is really annoying.

You can put a link in your profile and as someone has time to fill it out-more extensive survey.





Very well!
today is the first day without a survey!
Thank you!