The name of the Community Policy would be better than the current one!

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Very often I see ideas and discussions that should not be placed in this Group!

I believe that this is due to a name that can be misleading!

The new Members consider this to be a general discussion on all topics!

It's worth talking about - please answer!

Thank you very much

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I cold agree. At least "TechCommunity Discussion" orients users more.


Perfectly, this is not exactly a name as proposed, but the current one really misleads, moreover, all the time there are misunderstandings and individual explanations that cause frustration completely unnecessary and take time for everyone to explain

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Thanks for the suggestions! We've noticed this as well, that this ends up being a general place where people post questions about products which we have to redirect. We tried to clarify that in the description and the pinned post.


We've gone ahead and renamed this discussion space "Tech Community Discussion" as per @Sergei Baklan's suggestion (thank you!). Thanks for the feedback!

@Eric Starker 

Thank you, of course!
But i really wanted to help guide the MTC members!
Translations show strange names and members are confused!
Such as lobby lounge, etc. The new group name is a big improvement for everyone!

@Eric Starker 


I believe that there should also be a name change here: to " Code and Privacy in the Community "

Because that's the most ch I wanted to change and improve!

I'm still asking for it!


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So if someone uses the phone then he sees only the Lounge and without careful analysis does the entry - this one needs to change!

I still see new ideas of MTC Members who write in the context of Microsoft products!
It is practically unchanged - because individual explanations for each mis placed post - is not feasible and not appropriate!

This is an up-to-date example:

Thank you for your suggestions. We appreciate your feedback and we will keep it in mind!