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In the top of the Microsoft Tech Community we have the following banner



The Windows edition event was on July 21 and is already over and showing it as Upcoming Events is misleading. I would like request to correct this (e.g. remove it or change it to past event). It would be nice if this part was smart and follow a calendar and based on the date and time show UpcomingLivePast.


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Yes, the event has already taken place, but the link is correct and leads to content that is important and helpful!
This discussion was really helpful and Microsoft staff gave explanations - regarding Windwos10 and migration to Windows11 - please don't remove it from the start page!


I do not think that now is better - the banner is empty and useless! I think it will be more difficult to find information from this event now - unfortunately! 

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Thank you for your feedback on our event announcement blade. We appreciate hearing that you'd like this past Windows Live event continue to be featured on the Tech Community and we will take that feedback into account. We promise this blade will get updated as soon as we have new events to announce, which will be very soon!


I understand , but the banner is now useless!
Just share a link to an event that has already taken place with the right description!
The start page is an MTC business card - it's worth remembering!

When you see as Upcoming event, user will think this event is in future and when click on it , then it will show like it is past event and would have a negative experience.

I understand your concern and it should address in other way like a link to show Past events and user click on it and see list of events.

Thank you Eric for the update.
It would be nice like there is another link called "Past events" and you click on it and show list of past events.


The negative experience is now – because the banner is empty!
I hope the Microsoft team can fix it!

@Deleted We are leaving this blade for now until we have new events to add, which will be very soon. We have received your suggestions and appreciate them, and I apologize if the outcome isn't the one you wanted. 


@Reza_Ameri Thanks, we are actively exploring how best to share and promote events and will keep your suggestions in mind. We have some similar ideas in the pipeline. 


Thank you very much!

I really see and appreciate your answers!

Every day you reply to posts in this Community as a Microsoft manager you move posts to the right place - well done! 


Thank you, definitely better!

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Great, thank you for follow up
Yes, this is more productive