Thank to MTC team


Just found I'm almost 8 years here with 20K posts behind. Practically that means nothing, only another reason to say thank MTC team for the developing of so great resource.


Compare to some other Microsoft resources. LinkedIn is more tips & tricks plus news. Answers mainly support, why this or that doesn't work as we expect. At least that's my impression. MTC is mainly practical questions from real life. I learned a lot for these years with MTC communicating with other people.


A lot was done by the team, not all perfect now. Even more shall be done in future - more growing the resource more demand on improvement. Good luck on this way and thank you!


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@SergeiBaklan This is an amazing milestone! Thank you so much for contributing to our community!

Incredible dedication to connecting with others!

Thank you so much for all your time and expertise these past (almost) 8 years, Sergei! Cheers to another 20,000 ahead of us.
Congrats on being so helpful in the community and a great contributor for so many years!



Thank you so much for your incredible dedication and for sharing your experience with us! Your 8-year journey and 20,000 posts are a testament to your invaluable contributions to our community.


It's fantastic to hear that you find MTC such a practical and valuable resource compared to other platforms. Here's to many more years of learning, sharing, and growing together!



Wow, Sergei, what an incredible achievement! Congratulations - you've helped so many people!