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Is there a way to stop this annoyance? One would assume clicking No Thanks would put it away or at least for some time, but no it still persists to popup every few minutes. Please fix the buggy underlying code!!






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@Dave Patrick 

Strange, I guess I have it if only I login again  or from another device / browser. Other words quite seldom, don't remember when it was last time.

The site used to leave me signed in but apparently now there's some process to auto sign out that may be related to this annoyance. Regardless I'm presented with the nag screen continuously even though logged in. The Partner community looks to use the same forums application and I don't have either of these issues over there.





@Dave Patrick 


Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the extremely long delay in replying!


The 'annoyance' is the Value Analytics survey, we ask a few short questions, not more than once every 90 days, to ask users about their experience on the Microsoft Tech Community. Why ask more than once? well it allows us to track user satisfaction over time. If you dismiss the prompt it will not bother you again for another 2 weeks. 


However as you identified if you login from a different device it will pop up again, sorry about that.


The good news is, the survey has some accessibility issues and so until we have fixed it we have now turned it off.


It does not affect you session though. What your likely seeing is that, for security purposes, we need to check your still you every so often and so you will be asked to login again. The new Microsoft Edge browser however will help minimize the number of times that occurs.


Note: If you log out of your Microsoft Account else where in the Microsoft website that will also invalidate your community login and you will be asked to log back in on next visit.


Let me know if there is anything else you need.


However as you identified if you login from a different device it will pop up again, sorry about that.



Actually I was not using a different device. Glad to hear its been disabled though.