TechCommunity network Home Page - Make it more useful

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The home page of this network has a big tile inviting us to sign in and join the community. When I'm already signed and a member of the community, this announcement is irrelevant and taking up space on the page that could be used by something meaningful. It would be great if that region of the home page could be more dynamic and targeted to different audiences, members vs non-members for example.


The same announcements have been present for quite a while. It would be helpful if there were more announcements that rotated/updated daily. It is not helpful to see the same things every time I log in.

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Dean I was going to change it for only you to say something like 'Dean's personal announcement' but decided you might think I was being mean.

That announcement was posted just before the holiday break because we hit 250,000 users.

We are looking at more dynamic banners for the homepage and I think this is valuable feedback.

Thank you