Techcommunities seem to be loading very slowly lately

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It may be that I've added myself to a multitude of communities, but over the last several weeks, every techcommunity that I look at, including the homepage, seem to be loading very slowly. I've tried on Edge, Chrome, Firefox and different computers, with the same results.


Just an FYI :)

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For me it's the past two years, not weeks :) It's the platform sadly, which seems to be very poorly optimized even with the limited amount of entries we are being presented with on each space/blog/etc.

I also have been complaining about performance and overall design of this site for a few years since i have started using it more often. One of my latest posts

On mobile it's the worst. And i have switched to new Pixel phone with Android 9 and it's the same. Having to deal with page *loading* for a noticeable amount of time these days is unbelievable :)

After being annoyed again i have decided to capture a video about what i have to deal with on mobile here (sorry for a shaky camera, did this on the fly). a bit long, but i wanted to show how reply buttons don't work and at the very end the whole site just stopped working. And the loading time, it's huuuge. this one is shorter, commenting in blog, i click into input window and it jumps out of focus, when you try to drag it it often hides the keyboard and you have to start over. And i just don't understand why we have to have this huge floating bar at the top covering everything. So i would be able to search or go to my profile at any point of time? Yeah, right..


And just to compare (again, video gets a bit skewed at the end, sorry) a forum i attend, Discourse, loads instantly, fluid as butter. Posting is in a blink of an eye. Discourse is by a small company. Why can't MS with billions of dollars have a somewhat normal platform for their Pro users?