TechComm - stop receiving any email notifications


Didn't touch my settings, but have no one email notification starting from this Sat. Is that only my issue or another TechComm update?

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It returns back today, emails with notifications are in my inbox.

@Allen , the same from Tue (May 11) night, no notifications. Is that something on my site? No changes in settings.

I also confirm today I have no notifications from MTC! On Tuesday they stopped coming I checked

@A1 , thank you for the confirmation. Thus that's on MTC site.

So surely in MTC, now i received a notification for this post so maybe i fixed it?
Now I checked it is still not correct ! I should receive 2 messages according to the settings of notifications: 1 mentioned, 2 that is the response to the post earlier so it was!


Yes, emails are back!