Tech Community/Network doesn't persist sign in between sessions



Anyone else noticed this? I get this on multiple PC's. I'm always signed into my O365 account, other services such as yammer and OWA will just load, but every day open "Microsoft Tech Community" I'm "signed out" until I click sign in.


Just me?



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Yes. it has been discussed numerous times. You will get logged out after 2hours or so.


Thanks, what a pain, any plan or ETA for Fix?

It's more complicated than that, it seems there are some legal issues as well. @Michael Holste might be able to share any news on the subject.


Interesting, it really disrupts the "quick check in and reply" dynamic of a forum

Hey all, yeah there are some parts of this that are out of our hands involving legal, our contract with the platform, and OOTB functionality. We've maxed the sign in time to 200 minutes for now and will look at our options again in the future. It's kind of a pain, but it just means that you have to come back every 3.33 hours! :) 

Eh. it's something :)

This is really very annoying, I hope you can fix this. So far I've never attended a forum that requires a sign in every-single-time I go there.

Jan, my browser keeps sign-in much more than 2 hours, it was improved some time ago. And i'm on ADFS. Do you really need to enter your credentials each time you open the site?

Because I don't come here more often than perhaps once a day, yes.

I never tested, but it shall keep sign-in for 24 hours. At least i reboot my PC before go home and next morning no credentials are required, i'm in.



Seems to be persisting for me now. Not sure over what period, but I haven't signed in in a while. Great improvement! 

Yup, seems to be something like a week now. Awesome!