Tax Residence Certificate for Microsoft 2022 In which MTC space can I get helped?

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Unfortunately I can't help with this user, and I can't find the proper documentation.

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@A1 Hello! I'm afraid I don't know where else this post truly belongs, but we appreciate you sharing some resources. This definitely is a question more for the billing or support departments (although they did mention they had a difficult time there, I'm not sure what else we can offer here). 

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Thank you

The subject is important (applies to Microsoft customers who have purchased electronic products and have the right to confirm not to pay tax twice!)

Microsoft can't suggest to customers around the world to call support!

After logging in to the Microsoft account in 3 clicks, the consumer should obtain such a document - IT is used for such purposes.

But I hope that there will be development that will help Microsoft customers:)






I marked the Manager's answer as the best , because only Microsoft support, can share the required document -> MTC Forum, is not the right place to obtain -> certificate of Microsoft tax residence.


@HelenShelen Hi,

But MTC is a big Microsoft Forum - and there is no way to get this document in this space (looking for a certificate here - it's a waste of time)

You are welcome at MTC :)


Thank you, but it is a little different - > the tax authorities require from the user ( Certificate of tax residence - in this case confirmation that the tax Microsoft has already paid, so the local tax in the country of the recipient of the service - Microsoft product - > has already been paid) then there is no basis for recharging VAT in the country of the end user's recipient.