switching organizations - how do to keep my post history, rank, etc

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Is there a way to maintain your post history, rank, contacts etc when switching organizations?  I'll be moving on from my existing organization and would like to transfer my current Tech Community account from my existing org > personal gmail account for a few weeks > new organization.  Is there any way to do that?  I tried the steps in the FAQ, but that doesn't seem to apply to an org switch. 


In Settings, I changed addresses in both the Email (received and verified) and Personal Information sections.

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Hello! While our team can transfer your contribution level for you, and any roles you may have received such as Member of the Week, we aren't able to transfer your message/post history or change the email on an existing account between a work and personal one (given single sign-on, even though you are changing the email in the settings, it'll still default to the original sign-in email every time).

Sorry about that! If you'd like us to transfer the contribution level, send our team an email at techcommunity@microsoft.com.
Thanks for the response. Can everything be transferred directly from one work account to another work account? Both accounts would be Microsoft 365 accounts, however I won't have access to both accounts since some time will pass between employers.
Sorry, I should have been clearer here. We can only transfer between two personal accounts, or potentially two work accounts at the same company, but not between two different workplaces. Sorry about that!