Survey keeps pop up

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Sometimes we see the following survey in the Microsoft Technical Community, it would have been nice if once you answer the survey it associated with your account and won't ask again (in case user is login). I am referring to the following survey.



Another problem with this survey is it just popup while we are in middle of reading or posting something and it is a bit negative user experience, and it would have been nice to ask for survey without showing like the popup and may be as a toolbar on the top or bottom of the page.


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I see it quite seldom and never answered, if only long ago. However, form time to time it appears and that is really annoying in my scenario. Usually I open the feed and by right click open all unread messages. Usually few dozens of them. And in each I see that pop-up. Never know when it could appear.

True, the problem is it lock the menu and we have to take action, so sometimes I am reading something and this suddenly popup. I believe there is a need to improve the User Experience.


Next time I'll try to answer if that helps. If that is related to cookies I clean them all once per few months, thus that won't work.

In general, I am not happy with the user experience whether keep the cookie or remove them.