Support for signatures?


* No support for signatures?

* Hopeless to browse history with the "load more" at the bottom of the page instead of multiple pages.


* Only one reply showing. Have to check the number of replies icon and then click on the thread to see all.

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@jenstf Have you checked


No, I didn't find it in the first place. Thank you for pointing me in the right directiction @jenstf

I am glad that there are no signatures. That is one thing that always bothered me about the technet community.

@Daniel Niccolicouldn't agree more I believe this removes any biased opinions and views  

... and it was just low-key advertisement.
100% with you on that one
There are some people that are Exactly doing it even though there is no dedicated section for signatures, they keep uploading the same picture and writing the same text on every single one of their posts and comments.