Suggestion for Option to Display Full Text of All New Posts Without Seeing the First Few Replies


I'd like the option to scroll through the text of all new posts in a "Space", without seeing the most recent replies.  At the bottom of each post, there could be a link to "Show Previous ## Replies".  As it is right now, with a long post and a few recent long replies, you have to scroll past a lot of text to see each new post and decide whether you want to delve (pun intended) into it more deeply.  Perhaps a "reply summary", with just the replier's name and first 3 lines of reply, and no prompt to "Post a Comment" might be helpful.  It would also be helpful if the replies were a little more indented than they currently are, so your eye could stay focused on the left margin and the white boxes when scanning for new posts.


If there could be a "hover box" that pops up when you hover over the Latest Conversations and the Most Liked Conversations, that displayed the first paragraph of the original post of the conversation, that would be helpful also.  Then you could mouse over each new conversation, or each well liked conversation, and more easily decide if you want to click to enter.

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I should have said: "I'd like the option to scroll through the text of all UNREAD posts in a "Space", ........" instead of "new posts".